Often when shooting a sunrise, walkers or joggers

will stop ten yards away while I am

simply setting up my tripod.

Then there are times when my cloak

of invisibility works like magic.   🙂

Early morning at Corio Bay

Not that I wait around too long,

but I have never seen fishermen’s nets

at breaking point.

Just many trying.

Another first and only time, to date,

that I have seen tug  boats ‘park’

their clients so efficiently.



Whether colour or black and white is your cup of tea...



…these trees still make interesting additions to the sunset.


A grain field at dusk.




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a long wandering and eventful journey

I am inclined to suggest that any journey

originating in Australia and visiting

the northern hemisphere

could be described as an ‘Odyssey’.

Last year’s travel to Canada took us about

16 hours flying time to reach Vancouver Island

to the start of our Canadian/Alaskan adventure.Falling snow on the Columbia Ice-field was

an event we had not counted on.

Our sled ride on the Mendenhall Glacier was wonderful.

Followed by the Red Carpet treatment

when boarding our

Rocky Mountaineer

Gold Leaf Carriage.




Our Final day, not included in the tour,

was a visit to Wiseman,

a very small township

inside the Arctic Circle.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Odyssey