Book Review-He-Will-Be-My-Ruin

He Will Be My Ruin


K. A. Tucker


He Will Be My Ruin is the second of Kathleen A. Tucker’s books in as many months.   Again, I thoroughly enjoyed He Will Be My Ruin as I did Keep Her SafeHe Will Be My Ruin is a fast paced story that did keep me reading well into the night.

Celine and Maggie come from different worlds however have been close     friends until their careers lead them on separate paths.  Celine’s death is the central point of He Will Be My Ruin.  Maggie returns to wind up Celine’s estate and the story develops from there.

With the help of a friendly Detective and his Private Investigator friend Maggie begins to examine the circumstances surrounding Celine’s death, which she thought unusual.

To say much more about the plot would bring out spoilers.  However, I will say that He Will Be My Ruin is close to the best mystery read this year.   There are potential villains a wealthy one and an apparently not so wealthy one, along with an elderly neighbour who I, at one stage, had pegged as being the villain.

He Will Be My Ruin had my attention on page one and held it until the last page and I am sure it could be translated into a screen play.

I am going to rate He Will Be My Ruin as a solid 4 star read.

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He Will Be My Ruin

He Will Be My Ruin

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