My hobby at this stage of life is…


In my teens cycling around our countryside

during school holidays was enjoyable.

Definitely not a competitive cyclist

and these days my knees protest too much

at the thought of walking let alone cycling.

So, I will stick to photography where a poor photo

may be turned into an interesting (IMHO) abstract image,

with colours able to be changed to match one’s decor.

Or if the challenge requires a single sharp part of a photo…


…this may also be achieved, thank you Photoshop.


Using one’s camera can also produce

a similar result if desired.




Book Review-Paper-Daisies

Paper Daisies


Kim Kelly

I must confess to having read Paper Daisies earlier in the year and have only just decided to write about it…or rather not write about it.

I have read The Blue Mile and This Red Earth, both authored by Kim Kelly.  Both were enjoyable books and I rated each books as four star read.

Paper Daisies commenced at Christmas 1900, whereas This Red Earth was set at the end of World War I and The Blue Mile in the 1930s and World War II

As I said it has been some time since listening to Paper Daisies and I had forgotten the story.  I was beginning to think that I may need to re-read it.  Then in Goodreads blurb I spied those two words.  Berylda Jones.  With just those two words enough of the story came back to realise why I had not previously reviewed Paper Daisies.

This audio version will go down as not my favourite Kim Kelly book.  From memory, the story seemed disjointed and I simply could not get into to it.  After a few chapters I put it away.

Unfortunately I am one of ten readers who have rated Paper Daisies one star book.  For me that is an unfinished book.   Considering around 75% of readers have rated Paper Daisies as with three (or more) stars, it may a better read than an audio book.

I think

Paper Daisies

 Paper Daisies by Kim Kelly

is a



At the time of writing my review, other

Goodreads readers have rated

Paper Daisies

 an average of 3.7 stars from

166 ratings and 45 reviews

Paper Daisies

can be purchased on-line at

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon