My home town.

I spent many hours playing in this Post Office.

My maternal Grandmother operated it

since before World War II until about

twelve or eighteen months prior to

her death in 1959.


These acorn trees seemed fairly large back in the 1950s

and they are not much larger now.

They stand at the north end of town

just outside the Hotel which, sadly, closed

late last year…according to Facebook.




Our Railway Station closed in the 1970s.

However, I still have vivid memories of

carting bales of wool and loading them on to railway trucks,

not mentioned unloading bags of super/fertiliser.

From memory each bag weighed 186 and 2/3 pounds

and was manually unloaded onto our truck and

then unloaded and stacked in our woolshed until

they were required to spread on to the paddocks




The building, left rear, is the first school I ever attended.

A new school was under construction and I only

spent a week or two there before moving to the new building.

 In the 1960s the old school was moved to its current site

where it has served a Scout Hall ever since.

The blue doors are the entrance to the town hall.

Many years ago my hometown was represented on a map

by a circle ( ⭕️) which meant the town’s population was under 150.

According to the 2016 census the township AND

the surrounding area had a total population of 322 residents.

Just thought I would throw that in as I once taught some

visiting Chinese students, some of which said they came

from a ‘small town’ of 10,000,000 residents.




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Book Review-Becoming-Rain

Becoming Rain


K. A. Tucker


Becoming Rain is the second (of four) in the Burying Water Series and my fourth novel by K. A. Tucker.  Unlike some other authors Tucker has let a respectable amount of time pass between Burying Water and Becoming Rain while still retaining most of original characters at least in the periphery of the plot.

I really enjoyed two things about Becoming Rain.  First, it did not rely on all the same characters and second, it could be read as a standalone novel. While there are references to the main characters from Burying Water they only have cameo appearances in Becoming Rain.  Russian organised crime which, from memory, was alluded to in Burying Water, also plays a major part in Becoming Rain

Becoming Rain features a new heroine and expands the role of one the younger males in Burying Water.   Becoming Rain is again well paced with no obvious lulls in the action.  Was it plausible?  Possibly, possibly not!  However, it was an entertaining read and that is what I look for.  Enjoyment while reading!

I rated Becoming Rain as solid four star read.

I think

Becoming Rain

is a solid


At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

Becoming Rain

 an average of 4.18 stars

from 5,560 ratings

and 643 reviews

Becoming Rain

can be purchased on-line at

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon