It is only 103 days before…

…we are unwrapping Christmas gifts,

some of which could be books.

These days I tend to listen to, or read, digital books

in preference to paper books.

However every now and again…

…I like to turn my images into a paper version

for the coffee table.








Along Victoria’s South West Coastline

stand the Twelve Apostles.

Made from soft limestone these cliff faces…

clearly show each layer of the stone…



…as it was formed.






a person who betrays someone or something,
such as a friend, cause, or principle.

They almost look like friends,

don’t they?


In fact two youngsters are traitors in the making

waiting only to distract Maggie into looking away

so they could jump in and steal the bone.

So much for three way friendship.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Traitor