Black and White Challenge:



Clouds bringing rain?

Not this lot.


Winter sun over Corio Bay


Ten A.M. and the sun was still fighting to break through the fog

fog_0010Foggy morning.


Fog makes driving a little more dangerous…


especially if it hides this bend in the road.


We have a small plastic ice-cream container to catch water from the air conditioner…which the dogs occasionally drink.

One wet morning we found some new inhabitants in the container.  Again, it has happened only once…that we know of.


Finally, horizontal icicles.

During our second winter in our new house I was eating breakfast

when I noticed the spout/gutter outside the kitchen window

 was overflowing, for a very short period of time.

A few days later same thing happened.

Ladder and camera (of the day) were soon in hand

to photograph this horizontal icicle.

We had several bitterly cold days that winter…days when heating was on all day just to take thee  edge off the chill inside.

I  know that does not compare to three or four feet of snow, but….it was cold for us.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Weather




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