Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Open-Topic


This week’s Black and White

Open Topic


Some random shots for this week’s Open Topic Challenge.



Harvesting is over and these mobile silos/field bins will probably sit alone in this paddock awaiting for next season’s harvest.

corio-bay_0469Pleasure craft on Geelong’s Corio Bay.


fishing_0517Although I never went fishing with Pop, MGW’s Grandfather, this could have been a photo of Pop, loving every minute of a fishing trip.


I think this scene looks better in colour, but even in black and white it looks calm and relaxing.  Dappled shade to ward off the sun.  A graceful old gum tree arching a branch over the water and picnic area.  And finally somewhere to sit, relax and let the world pass you by.


I have just realised there is an odd photo in this lot.






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