Travel Theme-Pink




Travel Theme

for this week.


Colours are not my favourite topics for a post simply because I have so much trouble deciphering different colours.

 I even had to check whether the arms on a new pair of glasses were brown or black yesterday!

pink_0047 Mentioning that pink was this weeks topic to MGW found a few pinks…

pink_0055all of which are important to MGW…and which I ‘see’ daily.

galah_0028And if it were not for MGW I would have driven past this flock of galahs,

galah_0027Also known as Rose-breasted Cockatoo, these galahs had stopped for

an evening feed alongside the road.

Down Under the word galah often does not mean these birds.

Do something totally silly and you could very easily be called a ‘galah’.



Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Pink