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Breast Care


A surprise sighting on Saturday evening. 


Some years ago now one of our favourite Australian, cricketing, sons lost his wife to breast cancer.  After Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31.  As a consequence of Jane’s diagnosis, Jane and husband Glenn, formed The McGrath Foundation.  The aim of the McGrath Foundation is to employ breast care nurses in Australian communities along with providing educational material via its website.

To date, close to 100 breast care nurses have been employed throughout Australia with probably another 50 required.  Although I did not personally know Glenn or Jane, both came across as very likeable people and are/were highly regarded among the local and international cricketing communities and fans alike.  

For the past six years the cricketing community have dedicated the Sydney, New Year’s Day test match to the McGrath Foundation and the memory of Jane McGrath.  This game of cricket has become known as the Pink Test and the third day of the game is dedicated to the memory of Jane. Both teams wear pink or partly pink uniforms instead of the normal white.  Fans also dress in pink and the Sydney Cricket Ground is awash in pink.

While the pictured car appears to be a Cancer Council vehicle it reminded me of the McGrath Foundation. I thought rather than include this photo in my pink post I would create a ‘Wordy Wednesday” post instead….with appropriate explanations. 

More McGrath Foundation information may be found by clicking on this link

I mentioned that this was a surprise sighting.  

It is the first time I have seen this vehicle, which may have been part of a rally.  

Usually we have Daffodil Day in late August, (Friday 22nd in 2014), as a fund raiser…

hence the big yellow daffodil included on the car’s paint work. 


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