Cee’s Black and White Challenge-Nature


This week’s Black and White

Found in Nature


Haven’t had time to play around with Picasa this week so back to plain ol’ plain ol’.


All my photos could have been shot anywhere in the ‘coastal’ world I suspect.

However the first three were taken, last Friday, at Warrnambool and the last overlooking Corio Bay at Geelong



sea_0458I love seascapes and this was the roughest sea I had seen for many years…pretty tame reallysea_0450Twice I turned for a better vantage point and twice the biggest spray/wave broke over the rocks.

Ah! Well!

tree_0494Not sure why I took this picture.  Maybe because I see it fairly regularly.

Corio Bay is packed, well there is quite a few, with small boats all year round simply bobbing in time with the sea.

I often wonder if the boats are ever used.