October Word Challenge

Switzerland could only be described as


   When I saw the word whiskers, my first thoughts

were of Soxie who passed away

about twelve months ago.

  However, I could have easily gone

down this track also. 

However, as he was sleeping with

 one eye open, literally,

I was pleased that there was

a very thick slab of glass between us.

This crumbling room at Pompeii was described

as possibly the first McDonalds, or takeaway, ever. 

Food was prepared and served to the public.


Sydney’s famous bridge spanning the harbour

creating easy access between north and south.

 Finally, I always think Geelong’s

Cunningham Pier

looks immaculate as the sun sets. 

Earlier this week was no exception.


Thursday’s Special: October-Words

2 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-October-Words

    • Thank you for your condolences regarding Soxie. He lived to a ripe old age and we thought he would be the first of our ‘farm pets’ to go. Ginger was a fit healthy kelpie and died within a week of showing signs of illness. Maggie, our Labrador, got to a stage where we had to call in the vet. And still Soxie struggled on point blank refusing to give up. He succumbed last November. The G G Great grandmother/father of Taji (our new Labrador) and the G Great grandmother/father of Maggie were litter mates. So we see a lot of Maggie in some of Taji’s habits, which is a blessing.

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