Week 107


Back in the day the

Sulphur Crest Cockatoo

was everyone’s pet bird.

While they appear to be sweet,

gentle birds in these photos…

several hundred of them in a neighbour’s tree saying

goodnight to each other is very noisy and takes

the best part of half an hour if not more.

I have heard them nearly quiet,

and then the neighbour decides

he has had enough and fires his shot gun in the air,

which starts the process all over again.

Is it any wonder I like to live away

from my neighbours.


 Similarly the Corella Cockatoo appears

quite serene high up in a tree.

Now we are wondering why our television reception

is not so good…Corellas!

Then after the TV antennae they decide…

 to dig up our front and back yards.

However, with all this aside they are still kind of cute.

Google told me that Tumult was

‘…a loud, confused noise, especially one caused

by a large mass of people….’ 

I dropped the word ‘people’ and

substituted ‘cockatoo’ as the definition

fits the ‘cockies’ behaviour, perfectly…at times.


Pic and Word Challenge: Tumult

One Word Photo Challenge-Ladybug






No ladybugs this week I’m afraid.
The best I could do was this bee in our garden, and…


this Dung Beetle sighted in South Africa.

The first and only one I have seen.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Ladybug