Daily Prompt-Trademark



 A day or two ago I noticed that

the Daily Prompt was


I immediately thought of my own

trade mark when woolclassing.

Any bale of wool with the

letters AW (Australian woolclasser),

a year 93 (in this case),

a map of Australia and the numbers

760093, stenciled on it was prepared by me.

Perhaps not the purest form of ‘Trademark’,

however, those numbers represented

work undertaken and or supervised by me.

No-one else could use my stencil, registration

or trademark if you will.





A sure sign that winter has arrived,

or is just around the corner, is….

when our helleborus (winter roses)

are in bloom.

Another thing we hope we get plenty of

during winter is rain.

All the rivers run and Hopkins Falls,

on the Hopkins river, near Warrnambool

looks like it did in August 2016.


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