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Australian Memorial-1

Le Hamel, France

 Back in the Somme Battlefields this week.

There is a Sunday radio program which is

giving this area quite a bit of publicity as

100 year commemorations pass by.

Hence my return to The Western Front I am not exactly sure which way we turned here, however,

I suspect it was left as we had already visited

Villers Bretonneux.

On we drove until we came upon…


the small village of…

Le Hamel.

A right turn here had us heading through…


more peaceful farm land, until we  arrived…


at Le Hamel’s

Australia Corps Memorial Park.


Officially rededicated in 2008,

the parking area is…


several hundred metres from the memorial.

However, it is a slow walk as there is

plenty of information to be gleaned along the way.


I have included this photo for three reasons. 

First, I was based in Arras for the duration of my visit. 

Second, I had no idea these towns were all so close.

Third, my Grandfather was always associaated with:

Villers-Bretonneux, Amiens, Pozieres, Bullecourt,

Paschendale and Menin Road


General Sir John Monash was spoken of

with a great deal of reverence by our guide. 

Our guide claimed it was his tactics which

won the First Wold War.


During my lifetime I have often heard

how soldiers of both sides could hear 

conversations in the opposition trenches. 

This image shows the

Australian/British trench in blue while

the German trenches are in red. 

Note how close they near the words Villers-Bretonneux.


Now, note the scale of this map.

The trenches would have been

barely 150 meres apart at their closest points.

Still we were to visit trenches

which were much closer.

And all among what is now peaceful farming land. 



Jo’s Monday Walk

Book Review-The-List

The List


Steve Martini

When I began this book I had no idea or preconceptions to what the title was referring.

However, it did not lake long before that became clear and book quickly developed into a quick, fast paced page turner.

It is an entertaining book about the media industry.  The interesting thing about this book is that the plot is happening…!

This was my second Steve Martini book.  I have since read a third, The Arraignment in 2017.  To  date, Martini’s books have remained interesting and fresh with a twist on the title.

Yes, I will be seeking more.

I think

The List

 Image result for the list martini

is definitely a


Goodreads readers have rated

The List

 an average of 3.95 stars from 11,919 ratings and 145 reviews

The List

can be purchased on-line at

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