Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-O


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to have the letter O anywhere in the word)

Random Os from

Florence, Beaune, Geelong and Sydney

this week.


First up is…

the Bell Tower of Florence.

Does Florence count? 🙂


A band rotunda in Beaune, France.

A New Holland Honey Eater courtesy of our back yard.

The Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross, Sydney.

Of course, photos of Sydney would not

be complete without one of the

Harbour Bridge.


I have counted twenty-three Os in this post, above this line


Travel Theme-Warm




Travel Theme.

In early June I set off on my tour of

Western Front WW I battlefields. 

MGW was not interested,

hence it was a solo trip.

MGW was not all that happy to see my Facebook

posts with me in shorts and shirts sleeves

at her relative’s Fromelles grave.

The weather had turned cold Down Under.

The sun shone on the road to

Vlaanderen, in Belgium

 and continued to do so at

Hill 60…

the site of the Christmas Truce

at Prowse Point.

All in all one could not ask for

better weather while travelling.


Where’s My Backpack: Warm



Black and White Tuesday17-2811


Black and White Tuesday


Playtime with Candi.

The more we swing the rope, top left hand corner,

the more intense is her gaze.


She doesn’t even watch the rope…

and no matter how much I try to disguise when…

and in which direction, I am going to throw it,

most of the time she is heading

in the right direction to catch it.

A quick run back to me or MGW,

a little game of tug of war,  and…

 she is set to do it all over again.

Fortunately, for us, the warmer

the weather the shorter the game is.

 My graphics cards is faulty at the moment, I think.

Something is making the monitor go blurry.

My apologies for any typos or spelling errors

over the past few days and

in the week, or so, to come.



Hope you enjoyed.





On August 1, 2017 I experienced one of

the coldest mornings ever while trying to

capture a sunrise.

The sun did rise in the east as usual.

However it was not strong enough to

burn off the overnight fog.

It took about 90 minutes perched on this lookout

to capture these shots.

During that time a westerly kept

blowing the fog into my face.

When I finally decided to call it quits,

my fingers were numb and my right hand

had almost stopped functioning.

After stowing my gear and turning on the car,

I noticed the temperature display reading

a balmy -3 degrees Celsius.

No wonder I felt a bit chilly!

Okay!  Okay!

Not as cold as some parts of the world,

but on the 38th parallel… 😀 😀


Weekly Weather: Cold

Weekly Weather

One Word Photo Challenge-Lizard






No lizards to show this week, however, as many Australian lizards do belong to the dragon family I have decided on dragons as my alternate theme this week.Dragons can come inside your house

and cause all sorts of mayhem if there are

no dragon friendly people inside.

I’m sure this one was the cause of much

trouble in bygone years.

 I found this dragon in London supporting

some type of canon or mortar.

No doubt again designed to cause mayhem.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Lizard




Week 115


This is a site which stirs the wanderlust in me.

Upon arrival at South Africa’s,

O.R.Tambo International Airport…

it would be easy to say I was overwhelmed

by its sheer size.

 My second Melbourne to London flight in

a Royal Brunei 787 Dreamliner

was as good as the first.

We are now looking forward to a flight

in the Air Canada’s Dreamliner.


Pic and Word Challenge: Wanderlust



I found this compass…

 in York.

An easy way o find one’s way around.


 When on the farm, and to a lesser degree now,

I use the sun for time of day and direction.

On a Victorian farm I would be facing North

with the time being about 1300.

In France, however, I am facing south and

not sure whether it is just before,

or just after, noon.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Directional




This post is late because I had no idea what to post…

until I had to photograph one of MGW’s rings,

which I gave MGW on our

twenty-second wedding anniversary. Supposed to be diamonds

(although hard to see any in this shot)

and pink rubies.

It was damaged a few years ago.

Since then we have paid good money

to have it repaired…twice.

The second time we were told to take it to the

manufacturer, whoever that maybe,

if it needed repair again.

 If it has been repaired I have to ask myself

why does this part of the ring appear to be broken?

No wonder the stones fall out without notice.

This is one time I  really do feel I have

been ripped off…and have proof of it.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Jewel-Colours


Wordless Wednesday17_2211

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Coloured versions of my

Black and White Tuesday


This is the sort of main road in and out of town that I like.

Lal Lal Railway Station.

 The old water tower which supplied

steam trains with water.

Long since disused.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Travel Theme-Fragile




Travel Theme.

A network so fine…

 to display these…

dew drops in all their glory.

Another kind of fragility…in Nice last year…


reminded us of the fragile grip on life we have.


Where’s My Backpack: Fragile