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 Travel Theme.

First old photos of the surf…

at Torquay.


Wind also creating a good spray on these waves.


Taken in October 2016, the wind creates

grass waves in paddocks this time of year.

One of my favourite sites.

Photo darkened to enhance the waves.


Where’s My Backpack: Windy





Jo’s Monday Walk


Tank Monument
On the road to Bapaume, near Pozières, France 


The Tank Corps Memorial

This Memorial  commemorates…


the first time tanks were used in battle in World War I.

Again surrounded by peaceful farm land it is difficult

to imagine the many sacrifices made on this battle field.

The memorial covers 1916 to 1918 inclusive…

and depicts various types of tanks…

used during…

The Great War.

A quick  look on Google…

appears to reveal that…

these tanks were all British Army tanks.


One final photo and noting that…


the surrounding fence was made from tank parts,

then we were off across the road to

the Windmill Memorial.



Jo’s Monday Walk