Weekly Photo Challenge-Delta



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



While in Botswana we had the opportunity…

to take a flight over the Okavango Delta.

Even though it was late afternoon these elephants

were still opting for shade rather than sun.

Unlike many other deltas which are usually formed

where river and ocean, or lake, meet…

the Okavango Delta carries water from

Angola into Botswana where it spreads out…

to form an inland delta.


This gave us a great view of the

water and spread of the delta, while…

driving over the delta provided us with

never to be forgotten wildlife sightings.





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Tables-Chairs


My contribution for

this week’s challenge

Tables Chairs


Tables and chairs from Arras, France.

An outdoor, rooftop dining setting.

A view from the Bell Tower.

Outdoor settings awaiting the evening trade in

Place des Heros, Arras.

Closed for the night?

Place des Heros, Arras.

Locals and tourists alike enjoying a beautiful evening.

 My dining habits were a bit earlier than others.

St Germain’s in Arras.