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Nothing to Lose


Lee Child


Nothing to lose, by Lee Child, sees Jack Reacher walking across America almost following a pioneer trail.  All goes well until he comes to the town of Hope and then Despair.  Hope is a clean, friendly town.  Despair the complete opposite.  Like many before him the first time Jack sets foot in Despair he is literally run out of town…and it appears he is not the only one to suffer that fate.

Despair is a company town run and owned by a religious fanatic who owns and employees most of the townsfolk at his metal recycling plant.  Vaughan the female cop in Hope is one of Jack’s staunchest allies and helps him solve the mysteries of Despair.  Her story is tied closely to the only industry in Despair.

  • Why does the boss fly out in his light plane every night the factory operates?

  • Why is there a Military Police post outside Despair?

  • Who was the body Jack found in the dark?

  • And why had it disappeared by daylight?

  • Why are there young women waiting for their boyfriends or husbands in Hope?

  • Why are these girls alone, broke and so anti-authority?

  • What is happening in the recycling plant that is so secretive?

  • Finally, why could the whole operation be so dangerous?

These are some of the questions to which Reacher and Vaughan need to answer.

Nothing to Lose is an enjoyable read and fans of Lee Child or crime fiction will enjoy it.

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