Black and White Challenge:

Two of Anything.


Recent trip to the coast and I spied…seats_0023

two chairs set up on the beach.

Thought there may have been a proposal in the offing.


Alas!  No!  It was a couple getting married instead.

I have deliberately darkened the photo to hide faces


Seating for aching feet at Werribee Zoo


Still at the Zoo, I found these two buckets hanging about ten feet above ground.

No  idea what they are/were used for although they

did remind me of the showers we had at

some woolsheds when I was woolclassing

in New South Wales.


Double trouble.


At first I thought this look was calling dad to come and

relive mum with baby sitting duties.

However, if it was, baby woke at the changeover and

dad got out of sitting up there while baby snoozed.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Two-of-Anything






14 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Two-of-Anything

  1. Woolly -cool how you darkened the faces – cos it also added to the mood! And great table – once we were in destin FL- my hubs was singing at a beach wedding and down aways a couple was having a meal almost right in the water at a small table -they were with the restaurant on the shore and must have been a big night – anyhow – I talked my hubs into doing a table side song for them and he reluctantly did it- was very cool!
    Anyhow your things in two post is fun and the commentary on the mom/dad/snoozer was nice – 😉❤️


      • well I heard that is is legal and when people are in public there is an open forum to take pictures. I had some info about it from last year – not sure where it is – and if I find it I will come back to share it. however, I think there are issues if we take pictures while on a job or if we represent a certain company.
        Then there are always the ethical concerns – like how you feel it represents someone and their event that was captured. I know you know all this – but I guess I am thinking out loud. Like when I posted the two pics of basketball players getting EMS treatment – I purposefully used photos that did not show the actual player down. I felt ethically it would violate them as an injured minor…. and so I went for photos that showed the emergency workers, the stretchers, and some observers. But no player.


      • Yes I have heard it is legal also…but then the other side is if you subject is recognizable the photography needs permission to publish on web sites. I ran into a similar situation when completing a teaching placement….could not take photos of students to send in to university with required assignments. Custody issues were cited as the main reason. However, as soon as I was qualified it was okay to send me to the back gate of the school to supervise while adults collected students. AND i did not know if students were being collected by parents or who…… I digressed a bit there but it has always annoyed me.

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