Weekly Photo Challenge-Harmony






My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have been out most of the day and begin

with a couple or re-posts.maggie_0800

The harmony of  our backyard is severely strained when

anything, or one, tries to come between Maggie and her food.


It’s moments like this which can also stretch a friendship.


These oxpeckers live happily on giraffes.


The harmony and discipline witnessed, and read about,

within an elephant families is adorable.

Apologies if you are getting tired of my elephant photos.

I think they are one of Africa’s most gorgeous, gentle animals.

Although there are times when they have told us

they are not happy to see us.







Black and White Challenge:

Two of Anything.


Recent trip to the coast and I spied…seats_0023

two chairs set up on the beach.

Thought there may have been a proposal in the offing.


Alas!  No!  It was a couple getting married instead.

I have deliberately darkened the photo to hide faces


Seating for aching feet at Werribee Zoo


Still at the Zoo, I found these two buckets hanging about ten feet above ground.

No  idea what they are/were used for although they

did remind me of the showers we had at

some woolsheds when I was woolclassing

in New South Wales.


Double trouble.


At first I thought this look was calling dad to come and

relive mum with baby sitting duties.

However, if it was, baby woke at the changeover and

dad got out of sitting up there while baby snoozed.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Two-of-Anything