Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-11


Odd Ball

Week 7, 2016


My Christmas  / Birthday present

arrived today.

Taji was not quite sure…


 and although she gave a friendly peck,

Taji still thinks it is a new toy.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, this new toy

tuckers out quite quickly as she is still only six weeks old.

Her name is Candi and was not expected

until next weekend…or the weekend after.

She makes Taji look huge by comparison.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-11






Travel Theme-Creative




Travel Theme.



I have never considered myself as creative.

Perhaps the only creativity I have in me stems

from camera use and editing.
desert-copy_1452I am not certain if this is actually the original photo.

It is saved as an original copy.

It is a shot taken into fairly shallow water

along the Geelong foreshore.

Week 1

A challenge required an album cover to be created.

Picasa help to change the image to this, and…

Desert-Dreaming_1452aMGW come to my assistance with the title

for the album cover.

river-Barwon_0023Similarly this shot of Geelong’s Barwon River…

river_0023bwas changed to make a… river_0023evariety abstract images…

to suit various desired colour schemes.

I these are a touch vivid for our walls.

sunset_0826Or is taking a sunset shot in a paddock of hay rolls…

and selecting that part of the image

with rim lighting being creative?


Where’s My Backpack: Creative