Weekly Photo Challenge-One-Love



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

One Love


Everyone who has owned a Labrador will agree that

a Labrador’s one love is food.

This morning they have had breakfast,

had my morning treat and still are ready for more.

Even dear old Maggie can move her jaws quicker than

the camera can freeze them where food is concerned.


And Taji is learning that there is a pecking order

and she must wait for  her food.


She has learned how to take food

without taking a lump of my hand as  well…


chew it carefully, and…
Taji_9011comeback for more.


When the food supply is exhausted she will shake hands

just in case there is a bit more in reserve,

after all, food is her one love.







Black and White Challenge:

Crooked and Squiggly Lines.


A variety of wiggly and not so wiggly lines .

We were told the smooth wiggly line was a snake’s track.

Personally, I did not argue with our guide or

go seeking the maker of that line.


Looks like a cabbage leaf (sort of)…and is linked to…


this shot.

Southern_Cross_Satation_0095Finally, one of my favourite buildings in Melbourne.

Originally known as Spencer Street Station, for obvious reasons.

It was modernised and renamed Southern Cross Station

when Melbourne hosted the

Commonwealth Games in 2006.

Like all change it was difficult to say

Southern Cross at the time.

However, like fungus,

it has gradually grown on me.

We had lunch in the adjacent shopping centre and afterwards MGW

went looking  for a Mother of the Groom dress

for our wedding later in the year.

Certainly a better railway precinct than

it was prior to renovations.

Nearly forgot:

Second photo…back of elephant’s ear.

Third photo…elephant’s tusk.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Crooked and Squiggly LinesBlack_White