Black and White Challenge:

Lines and Angles.


Melbourne provided inspiration for this week’s challenge.

First up some of…melbourne_1954Southern Cross Station…
These are sights which many rail commuters from

the west side of Victoria and Melbourne will know well.

melbourne_1886And just outside Southern Cross…a line of bicycles

for the active tourist to use.

A seat in Bourke St Mall.


Lines in Royal Arcade.


Finally, part of a wall in the much debated

Federation Square.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Lines and Angles




20 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Lines-and-Angles

      • Well the random made a seamless post – and actually it feels like a certain artist’s work – but I cannot think of who right now – hm – but from the reader – the photo that was featured had these lines that pulled me in – and the train tracks one – looks like my thumb could move that one track over – I actually made a movement with my thumb as I soaked up that image – maybe it was my geeky art teacher side that loved it so much – but looking yet again I love the movement with all the verticals and then that almost s of the transition one of the right –


      • well not surprised because for some reason I have seen so many art teachers have a weird way of assessing – serious – I have taught many subjects on and off over more than 20 years – and the 8 years as an art teacher allowed me to compare the difference – but also from working with them on and off in different venues – not all are the same, but it seems that sometimes they have certain standards so focused not he “principles of design” and “EOA” to where they miss out on student work in big ways.


      • There is a saying…’…there is more than one way to skin a cat…’ After having over thirty years in workplace training and seeing many of those ways (to skin the proverbial cat) it was a shock in formal education to discover that many assessments relied on pen and paper. I was asked to teach a Systems and Technology class. Student were required to build (pre-cut pieces) a rocket and launch it three times…as well as build some computer control robots using Lego. Personally I would, and still think that a rocket which can be launch several hundred metres into the wild blue yonder and parachute back to terra-firma was a successful launch. Similarly a computer programmed Lego model which completed tasks as stated by the designers was a successful outcome. Seven or eight weeks into the semester, I had a handful of tests handed to me by my predecessor for students had to complete. Most of the Students in that class were ‘practical’ students…i.e. not ‘academic’…preferring to ‘do’ rather than write. I have another rant which I shall email to you rather than waffle here. 🙂

        EOA….Early Operational Assessment????? Or one of many other meanings on WWW??

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      • oh this is right up my alley! Look forward to the email! And I really hear you on the horrid overuse of pen and paper assessment. I once heard someone say that so much current educational structure is really based towards one major learning style – which happens to target a conformity as well – so get a strong emerging leader with kinesthetic needs and problems begin! Someone else said it targets the female more than most males.
        Oh I dunno – but I do know that there are flaws. And indeed – many ways to skin a cat….


      • I’m not the expert either, but consider my last cohort of students…not a great deal of academic achievement and low literacy and numeracy skills and until twenty years ago I probably fitted into that group…the last thing they wanted was a pen and paper exercise which had no real meaning in their lives or current circumstances.

        Conformity….that is one thing I discovered upon embarking on a short teaching career…conform or you are wrong. Whereas in a woolshed one could employ their own method of classing wool (i.e. two woolclassers could class same wool clip in a different manner), you were just expected to be consistent. In the world of formal education I found that consistency was talked about but not implemented. My email is in my sent box so let me know if you do not receive…would not be first time Yahoo mail has not gone…for me.

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      • Ok I will check and get back with u on the email- and I think sometimes when they note a country’s test scores it is not always considering the overall strengths that go beyond a test – as u noted here! And of course we need academia – but one of many groups –

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