Floral Friday-16-0801


Floral Friday Challenge.


Agapanthus equals garden summer colour.

agapanthus_0038A few weeks ago I think I may have posted

a photo similar to this…agapanthus

just commencing to bloom.

agapanthus_0793They are still blooming well in mid January (nearly).


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




Travel Theme-Routine




Travel Theme.


Up until a few years ago, throwing a piece of

bread out the back door for Maggie…
maggie_0792was a game which would have elicited

a full-blooded headlong charge for said food.


This morning, however, a gentle trot was

all that Maggie felt was needed to reach her target.

DC Photography

At least she acknowledged that I had given her some breakfast.

maggie_0801A quick inspection…
maggie_0803demolished even quicker….


and Maggie’s morning routine is complete.

This is not her breakfast.

She has her breakfast, then cleans up

anything that Soxie may have left behind,

then waits patiently for me to perform my trick for her.

Ah! Yes!  She has me well-trained!
The majority of her time these days is spent sleeping

after all her morning exercise with Soxie.

Little do they know that their routines

are about to be shattered.


Where’s My Backpack?: Routine