Limit Reached


Can anyone tell me if WordPress changed it storage limits. please?

Have just tried up loading some images and was told that I had reached

my limit and to consider purchasing more storage space.

Somehow my available space has jumped from around 20% it has changed from around 20%-30% to 746% of my limit, apparently, overnight.

Is this where bloggers commence another blog or

dig deep into their pockets and buy more space?

WordPress still says that I have 3Gb of space…but my library

will not let me upload until I delete.

Again has anyone else run into this problem?


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Yellow-or-Orange-Flowers


My contribution for this week’s

Yellow or Orange Flowers



I thought this challenge would be a challenge.
Orange_1868In fact I thought this would be my orange contribution.

Daisy_1881Then I found this daisy which is probably more tan than orange.


These have yellow centres.

jonquil_1874Orange and yellow in one shot.

Now some old favourites.


Daffodils and…


and daisies.

acacia_0713Finally a sign of spring which usually flower

in June through to August.

Man acacias flower a various times of the year,

but the Golden Wattle and the Cootamundra Wattle

are the earliest spring indicators…

although their idea of spring

is not the same as mine.

 One last Daffodil