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Some of Tuesday’s BWs with a couple of extras.


The World War I gun emplacement and our means of ascending.

All those in the 30-40 years younger bracket did not

seem to need the ladder.

And we were not the first to make the visit…

although maybe the first to bring greenery with us.

Point-Lonsdale_0667Decorations were hung.Point-Lonsdale_0670Our young helpers pause to admire the view.

Point-Lonsdale_0676This stretch of water is known as The Rip …

shallow and dangerous but the entry to Port Phillip Bay.

Point-Lonsdale_0685Definitely a setting for a marriage proposal! 🙂

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Black and White Tuesday post

for more pictures


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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Craftyspices.com_Wordless Wednesday

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Black and White Tuesday15-2912


Black and White Tuesday


On Monday we spent most of the day preparing for…


and converting this…


World War I gun emplacement…

engagement_0665into a place fit for a proposal to happen.


With the help of two of our son’s friends

it was decorated with all the paraphernalia

Number 2 son suggested, and some MGW thought of.

engagement_0685This was the end result.

We just could not come up with the suggested rose petals

so some of our Agapanthus volunteered their services

for the occasion.

engagement_0730The view across to Point Nepean was the attraction.

This narrow strip of water is where all Melbourne (or Geelong)

bound shipping enters Port Phillip Bay.

 Hopefully they will enjoy these before and after shots in years to come.

 It will certainly bring back memories for MGW and me



Hope you enjoyed.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Wk-52


Odd Ball

Week 52


My Christmas present from Number 2 son.Quinn_8197He/They are giving me a replacement for Ginger,

who died in October.

The pups are being bred by his girlfriend’s family.

Quinn_8196This is just a reminder as the replacement

will not be ready for a couple of months yet.

Mum‘ is the same colour as this,

so hope there is one the same colour


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-52








Travel Theme-Spice




Travel Theme.



spice_8199the most important shelf in our pantry.


Where’s My Backpack?: Spice


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    Floral Friday-15-2512


    Floral Friday Challenge.


    While in Sydney, some of us decided to visit Kings Cross
    kings-cross_0439For readers unfamiliar with King’s Cross…

    not that I am…

    Google ; have you ever been to see kings cross

    and you will hopefully find a novelty song from 1962.

    I remember the chorus quite well,

    so was keen to see King’s Cross

    kings-cross_0440An unexpected find was this vertical garden…or hedge, only a few hundred metres from the railway station.
    kings-cross_0441It not only contained flowers but some herbs as well.


    Floral Friday

    Floral Friday




    Weekly Photo Challenge-Now



    My contribution for this week’s challenge…



    My topic may not be exciting but it is certainly welcome.

    We were due for a change – rain – over night…mid-night

    according to the Weather Bureau.

    I opened a door at 0400 and all I could smell

    was smoke from fires in the general area.

    Lorne (2-3 hours drive away) is a popular

    coastal holiday destination this time of year and

    is surrounded by fires at the moment.

    An evacuation order has been implemented.

    Since 4 AM we have had a welcome 10 mm of rain

    which will have raised our tanks by 6.000 litres.backyard_8192

    The green turf is facing its second summer and appears

    decidedly healthier this morning after a natural watering.

     maggie_8193Maggie and Sox are happily making use of the bed.

    Yesterday in 35 degree temps they were seeking

    the coolest spot in the yard.

    sky_8191A shirt and shorts are barely warm enough this morning

    and that sky holds promise of some more rain….hopefully.