Weekly Photo Challenge-Alphabet



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Plenty of alphabet letters around this week…
sign_2303this arrangement of letters is popular on

Good Fridays with many families.

While Argus is known as the 100-eyed giant in Greek mythology...

it was more commonly known, in Melbourne,

as a popular daily newspaper which closed in 1967.


Some random arrangements announcing… letters_0035various stores and locations.


Not too sure about his one…

Laneway art had to be included.
signs_0047This older Young and Jacksons sign had to be included…
signs_0048as did the modern version.

Y&J is just over the Road from Flinders Street station and

Chloe, a nude painting

by French artist Jules Joseph Lefebvre in 1875

was the star attraction.

Chloe has recently been moved but I know not where


And finally, the Flinders Street Station clocks.

These clocks were digitised many years ago.

Public pressure had the clock faces returned

although the mechanism is modern.