Black and White Challenge:



building_0011This was one of my favourite buildings to photograph,

however the wreckers have razed the site last week

and these are now memories.

building_0900One of Geelong’s earliest brick buildings.

building_1470Also in Geelong  and old wool store,

now part of Deakin University, I believe.

building_6882Not uncommon are he stone and mortar building

early settlers created.

building_4416Contemporary settlers have other ideas

of what building should look like.

buildings_0203And a night can be spent at Werribee Zoo in these buildings.

I don’t think it would compare to seeing an elephant’s eye

in one’s torch-light, or a myriad of other animals

in and around our camp as in Botswana.

A special memory was the lion roaring

ten minutes after we had crawled into

our canvas tents for the night.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Buildings