The ultimate destination, on Monday, was the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), via Jolimont Station, and a game of Australian Rules Football, between Collingwood and Melbourne. Yes, we do play football at a stadium called a ‘cricket ground’.

The MCG was the main venue for both the 1956 Olympic Games and the 2006 Commonwealth Games. I cannot remember the Olympic Games but was a volunteer marshal for the 2006 Commonwealth Games opening and closing ceremonies. A fantastic experience in itself.


The above shot is the first glimpse fans see of the MCG from Jolimont Station

MCG_37The National Sports Museum is also incorporated in the MCG and regulars tours are available, except on game days.


The first bounce!

In Aussie Rules Football the umpire (referee, if you prefer) bounces the ball on the ground to start the game. The umpire is the bloke in the yellow top who looks as if he is bent over with a belly ache.

Above his head, at the bottom of the fence is the (yellow) football, with two nearly 200 centimetre ‘ruckmen’ ready to contest the ball, either side of him. FIRSTBOUNCE_44A

The game was played before a relatively small crowd of 50,000. There was a cold breeze swirling round the ground. Melbourne has only won game so far this year. While Collingwood has won more games, the wins have not been as decisive as other top clubs.


I decided to leave just before three-quarter time. As the train passed the MCG I noticed the main light towers were lighting the ground and tried to take a reasonable picture of at least one of the towers.

June in Melbourne is cold…and since Monday, wet.