1,000 Views/Hits

I know many blogs have far more hits per week/day the WoollyMuses receives. However, this evening, June 4th, a visitor from California has ticked the WordPress counter over to 1,000 hits.

My first post was uploaded on April 3rd and since then there has been far more visitors than I ever anticipated.

A big thank you to all those who have stopped by, read, liked and commented on WoollyMuses posts.

You have all made my return to Internet publishing, after an absence of seven or eight years, much more fun and easier than I anticipated.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The Sign Says

This was a no-brainer…at least that’s what I thought.

When  you are on a ferry crossing a crocodile infested Daintree River it seems common sense to follow these rules without a needing a sign to remind you.


This next sign seems to indicate the facilities are on the Sky Rail… follow the arrow.







IS the Sky Rail and I could not see room for any of those facilities within the confines of the gondolas.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ~ The Sign Says