A couple of days ago I found this package,

addressed to MGW, in our mailbox.

I placed it carefully on the floor

on the passenger’s side of the car.

  Afterall, I didn’t want to drop and break

these fragile contents.

We all know where that would have led.

Then I promptly swept all knowledge of this package

from my mind until I saw it on Friday morning.



So I did what all technology minded husbands

do in this technology driven age.

I sent MGW an email to remind HER that it was there.

MGW’s swift reply was…

‘it was probably bluetooth ear plugs for school‘.

I thought that there must lots of ear plugs or

one set for very large ears.

Anyway all this tooing and froing with emails

brought the mysterious package to the forefront

of my mind and I did remember to take it inside

with me upon arriving home.



The fragile package was opened last night and revealed

a roll of paper border and a smaller

package of ‘approximately’ 100 paper stickers.

I would like to see how they package something which is fragile.


Back to the Pub Wall next week…maybe


Friday Follies19-03-Ep9

Challenge hosted by Proscenium


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