My makeshift fence around the dog’s kennels

where, or Vet’s orders, they could get some exercise…

…but not overdo it after they were spayed. 

The idea of being Taji’s babysitter

did not impress Maggie.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Makeshift



In February 2014 we had

…about a week of smoke haze…

due to prevailing winds blowing smoke

from bushfires located in the east of Victoria.

This year it has not been as bad as prevailing winds

were taking smoke away from us

for most of the summer.

One or two days of light haze and smoke,

mainly due to some, small closer fires..



Book Review-16th-Seduction

16th Seduction


James Patterson


Maxine Paetro



A museum explosion kills many people.  A spectator (Connor Grant) appears to confess and her husband is caught in the second explosion. This completes Detective Boxer’s night out and sets the scene for 16th Seduction, written by Maxine Paetro and James Patterson

With the confessed perpetrator arrested Detective Boxer thinks she has a slam dunk case solved.  However, things do not go as she planned.  Suspect Connor Grant is not all that he appears.

Later, she is told a body was found near the blast site with only a small puncture wound to indicate foul play.  More bodies arrive at the coroner’s slab and investigations lead Detective Boxer to a psychiatric ward where a highly intelligent inmate is confronted.

The original bombing suspect, ‘Connor Grant,’ filed a complaint against Boxer and she is hauled over the coals by her disciplinary board.  The Women’s Murder Club then gets together to solve the Connor Grant mystery and upon reflection I’m not even sure they achieved that.

I enjoyed the 16th Seduction Probably however, it is a long way from the best I have listened to…or read.  It appeared to be two separate stories published in one book with the only connection being the subjects’ mental stability…or instability.  Again I ask the question, ‘How much input to these collaborated books does James Patterson have?’

I have rated

16th Seduction

 as only aread.

(ebook) 16th Seduction - Crime Mystery & Thriller

16th Seduction

can be purchased on-line at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon

At the time of writing my review, March 17, 2019, other Goodreads readers had awarded 16th Seduction an average of 4.07 stars from 23,765 ratings and 1,499 review.

I also noted the figures below.

All editions:  4.07 average rating, 23,765 ratings, 1,499 reviews, added by 47,492 people, 9,586 to-reads

This edition:    3.84 average rating, 10,914 ratings, 925 reviews, added by 23,485 people