They say a symptom of boredom in a dog,

is bad behaviour.

DC Photography

Do you think Candi was telling me she was bored?

Or was she trying to get rid of Maggie’s old bedding?

I have never noticed what I thought was teething in dogs before.

These two spent months chewing and generally wrecking the place.

Although many years ago I remember MGW telling me

that she replanted many garden plants before I

arrived home from work when either Maggie,

or Jess (our first Lab) was a pup.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Symptom

Wordless Wednesday19_0321_Gallows

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Last Wednesday the Men’s Shed group to which

I belong visited Smythesdale for

our bi-monthly luncheon.

I thought Smythesdale would be worthy of

a few photos as it is close to the

Ballarat Gold Fields where gold

was discovered in the 1850s.

However, I did not expect to find the gallows from

the old Ballarat Gaol on display.


Hope you enjoyed.





Although I do not have a photo to prove the fact,

I  did see the Northern Lights in August 1976.

Not a very colourful display but my Canadians friends

assured me it was the northern lights.

In May the same  year I visited Stonehenge also.

In 2016 I was able to add…

…the Colosseum to that list.

I still marvel that these pavers were laid nearly 2000 years ago.

Just imagine also the feet which have walk across here.



In 2014 we were…


…fortunate enough to visit…

…the Victoria Falls.

In April 2012 we spent a few hours…

out on the…

Great Barrier Reef.

I remember being little disappointed that we did not see

the colours often seen in movies/documentaries.

We were also told that a recent cyclone

had wrecked this section of the reef.

The comment left me wondering why we did not go

to  another, more attractive part.

After revisiting these photos I think my thoughts were a bit harsh.

All of these places of sites can be found on

an ‘Ancient’, ‘Natural’ or ‘New’ Wonders of the World search.