During this decade of my life I have noticed a few

health issues popping up on a semi-regular basis.

The most recent was this sore on my arm

which would not heal. 

Even after a shave biopsy

(the pink area around the scab)

there were signs of its return inside two weeks. 

My GP said she would excise it for me,

Monday of last week. 






Some may find the next image upsetting.






So it was removed. 

At this stage stitches are still in place and will be

removed on Wednesday morning. 

Just hope all goes well from here on.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Health




Beginning in Sydney with…

the Harbour Bridge, and…


…the Sydney Opera House.

Visitors to Federation Square are also welcomed to

the Home of Australian Art, The National Gallery of Victoria.

At the time of its construction it caused quite a bit of controversy.

Now Apple wants to build a store on Federation Square

behind (I think) thee National Gallery.

This is not receiving public support

due to the original design of the store

and the fact that it is at Federation Square.


Prior to Melbourne hosting the 2006 March

Commonwealth Games, Spencer Street Station,

our first rail port of call when visiting Melbourne,

was renovated and had its name changed to

Southern Cross Station‘.

I didn’t like the changes at the time. 

Now however, totally different. 

We can travel to Southern Cross Station,

have a light meal and shop all

under the Southern Cross roof. 

Now camera gear is the only thing which will take me

a few blocks in to the Central Business District.


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