Before our house had really been commenced…

…we had a rather large puddle of water

clearly marking our garage after around

three inches of January rain in 2005. 

I don’t think we have had a fall like that since.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Puddle






The first two images are…

African birds of prey.



An eagle at the top and maybe

a hawk the second image.



And this one is one of the few I have of

an Australian Wedge Tail Eagle.





This image can no longer be captured….

The land was sold a few years ago and

a bulldozer was called in

to finish the demolition.

I often wonder what this was.

A school?

A public hall?

Or maybe a simple house?

Whatever it was I think it well beyond repair.

But if those walls could talk….


Word of the Day Challenge:  Derelict



I thought Taji was entangled in the net

we had over our cherry tree in late 2017.

However at harvest time Taji was quite happily

eating any fallen cherries and any others we missed.

At the moment its crab apples.

By the way, as tangled as Taji appears,

by the time I had put my camera down and

slipped on some footwear,

she was trotting over to greet me.


Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk176  Entangled