Spring is last year or still on its way

for those of us residing

south of the Equator.

However, rather than post Autumnal images

I revisited it our September 2018 garden.

I’m fairly certain it is first time for the first two images.

However this could be a re-post.

Our usual first sign of spring is Wattle (Acacia) trees

blooming from approximately July onwards

along with daffodils and other bulbs which also

like  a ‘head start’.

Spring really has sprung once these blooms are out though.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  Spring-has-Sprung



A quick catch up post.

One of the half decent

Wedge Tailed Eagle shots

I have.


Next two from our…

2013 African Safari.

The following year we watched as

Southern Masked Weavers

made nests in a tree in a

Botswana shopping centre car park.

The male builds the nest.

The female inspects it and pulls it apart

if it’s not up to her standard.

Male starts all over again.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Wings