The word Post has quite a few meanings.

In the armed forces one could be posted here or there,

There is always military personnel at the guard post and so on.

One can also post a letter at the local post office.

If Dad ever told me to get a post there was only one thing

to think of and that was a 6-7 foot long lump of

roughly hewn tree trunk…or maybe a straight limb…

though not often.

This century you are reading my post.

And several of my Facebooks groups

comment that something can be corrected ‘in post’.

So beginning with the last first,

 this photo was overexposed ‘in post’…

in other words an image editor

on one’s computer.

This is the original version. 

When this post was inserted into the ground

it was have had the hole dug by hand….

and there would be 3-4 feet of post in the ground. 

I remember digging hole for fence posts,

though not as big as this one. 

I also remember the first time Dad hired a friend

who had a ‘post thumper’ which literally did just that. 

It thumped the post into the ground.

Oh what joy!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Post



I initial thought was that this

was a Poinsettia.

However, I believe Google and I

disagreed momentarily.


Now I agree with Google and think they may be

varieties of Solenostemon (Coleus)

If we are wrong please advise and

I will  correct my post.

Whatever the outcome the were again found

on the

Isle of Capri.



When Taji was younger she managed to

wriggle into a cats size kennel.

Upon calling her she awoke with a start,

cracked her head several times,

found it difficult to get her shoulders

through the opening and has never once

set foot in the little kennel again.

However, to this day they still chase any bird

which comes reasonable close to ground.

They have not learned that they are

not going to catch an alert bird.

But they are trying!



Word of the Day Challenge:  Teachable