I believe that Labradors are the most

amicable bred of dog on earth.

I am also certain that I have raised the

ire in many who read this.

How could you not love that gentle face?

I know I post endlessly about our dogs/pets. 

Those offended, my apologies. 

However, many times they are

the perfect subject for a challenge.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Amicable

Book Review-Devil’s-Move

Devil’s Move


Leslie Wolfe

(Alex Hoffmann #2)

Devil’s Move is one of Leslie Wolfe’s earlier books (published 2014) and the second of the Alex Hoffman series.

Set prior to an upcoming presidential election in the USA, Devil’s Move had great potential.  Factions within Russia are trying to organise the election outcome via controlling a new e-voting system.  Russian involvement in a presidential election!  Sound familiar?

However, the first third to half of Devil’s Move was, for me, a laborious read.  Laborious because it contained a lot of conversational passages, which annoy me no end.


The other burr under my saddle was the detailed locations and time zones between chapters.  Considering I was reading a mini iPad, with enlarged writing, this is information was popping up very regularly.  However!  Enough negatives.

Devil’s Move move upped the ante once setting up the plot and characters had been achieved.  At his stage Devil’s Move graduated from mystery status, to a real thriller, in my opinion

With two off-shore contractors involved in creating hardware and software for the e-voting devices, it was up to Alex Hoffman, and her colleagues, to save the day.  Alex has to negotiate her way around obstacle after obstacle.  Because she is Alex, female, she is often threatened with severe violence in her offshore environment and her authority is totally ignored.

I thoroughly enjoyed this offering from Leslie Wolfe and will continue reading the Alex Hoffman series as I find that even with a steady start each book develops into a great story.

I rated Devil’s Move a solid four star read.  Imagine if the beginning had been more to my taste!

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Devil’s Move


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