Taupo Gardens…7I think this is another rhododendron,

however, it appears to have a different leaf.

It was difficult getting close to these blooms.



Was so busy looking at the artwork, that…

nearly did not notice the Camellias.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday







Unless there are two

very similar flowers in Capri…

…I may have posted some of

these flowers recently

thinking they were potted.

However, the above photo

is a cropped portion of…



….this one and we are still on the

Isle of Capri.




From the time we first saw Taji the breeder put

a coloured ribbon around her neck

to signfiy she had been sold.

It wasn’t polka dots, however we will always remember

her wearing this polka dot ribbon

the day we collected her.

Soon after arriving at her new home

she was registered with the local council

and wears an identity tag on her collar.

In fact, she wears two collars.

One is a ‘pretty’ collar with her name

and phone number embroidered into it.

The other, made of leather, is more functional

and is the one used to tie her up at her kennel.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Identity