Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bottom-Underneath


My contribution for this week’s

Bottom or Underneath

Thank goodness this week has arrived.

I accidentally prepared this post in January

and have been checking each week…to see if I could post it.


Bottom and underneath photos from…


in and around the Vatican City.


No photos in the Sistine Chapel but our guide helped out a little

with a close up of one of Michelangelo’s most famous panels.



Not in the Sistine Chapel but still part of the Vatican Museum.


Surrounded by ornate works of art.

vatican_0472This panel, on its own its spectacular, but…


look at what surrounds it.


And another ceiling shot.

Exposure time varied down to 1/13,

with a hand-held camera.

Quality may not be ‘up there’ but certainly

a great reminder of our travels.





6 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Bottom-Underneath

    • I was a bit disappointed also…but that’s what we were told. Probably like Stonehenge…in 1976 I had my photo taken while sitting on one of the fallen stones. Nowadays I believe there is a barrier around the stones to keep tourists out, except for a one hour session outside public opening times…and then only 26 people allowed inside.


    • You perhaps don’t want to know what I thought / said when I realised the post was several months premature. Not to mention that it has been sitting at the top of my posts all this time waiting to be published…getting in the way, etc. 🙂


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