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One of our stops in Rome was at the Pantheon.

The circular part of the Pantheon has…

a domed roof with a circular hole in the middle.

The circle in the roof is called the Oculus.  

To capture this photo one has to stand like

the person in the white shirt in the next image.  

Nearly over balancing backwards.

 It was thought that the Oculus was designed so that rain could not enter.

However, this is not rue and the floor is roped off

in a rough circle where rain does fall.

However, rain entering the Pantheon is swiftly removed

via a 2,000 year old drainage system under the floor.


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Wordless Wednesday17_0803_Geelong

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A few weeks ago I rose early in anticipation of a good sunrise.

Although the Geelong Football Ground shows clearly

there was too much cloud to even see the sun rise.

Best I could do was some cloud shots.

After a coffee it was of to the foreshore…

and all it has to offer tourists and locals alike.

And a visit to the foreshore would not be complete

without some bollards in a shot.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

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