View From My-Front Verandah


At the right time of the ear, if one sits

on the outside window ledge…


our weeping cherry will fill your senses…well

at least sight and smell.


sunrise_0002July 29, 2015 and the morning sun was streaming

in under our verandah and into our living room

as it does most mornings.



From our front door visitors pass our Japanese Garden.

We attempt to rake the gravel as it should be

in a true Japanese Garden, however all was well

for about two minutes,

then Maggie (our Labrador at the time)

decided to inspect the site.

Our best efforts to keep her off our new creation

were met with a hearty wag of her tail

and she continued across, around, up and down.

We gave up!


Also from our front door and under the verandah

February 15, 2017 sunrise.


A Photo a Week Challenge: View-From-My-Front-Porch


6 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-View-From-My-Front-Porch

    • We are in a sweet spot. We are fortunate to have this sight both morning and evenings. As for Spring…it has well and truly sprung 🙂 The media say we are ow in Autumn…March 1st. I am sure when I was at school the seasons were aligned with the equinoxes and solstices. That is March 23 should be the start of autumn. But it does give the news / weather services something to talk about…the dry start to autumn….the warm start to winter…and so on.

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