Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-30_2907


Odd Ball

Week 30, 2016


Even with shaking hands, a missing tab or two to hold

everything in place, I thought I had probably done

a fair job of framing a photo.



I turned it over and…


had a really good look…and found the missing tab. 😦

Professionals charge $AUD85/$USD65

to frame this (an A3 size photo)

I suppose I can break one, but only one.



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-30








22 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-30_2907

  1. Ouch – saw the crack – and the professionals here not only charge a lot – but they take forever!
    I was in line at a frame shop and the guy in front of me had a mat problem – their fault – the mat bevel did not match thickness of the others – and they told him 4 to 6 weeks – for their mistake??!!
    Anyhow – he was a local gardener and he invited us to tour his award winning garden – still need to go.

    Oh and I love the photo you chose to frame – wonderful!

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    • 4-6 weeks????????? Should have been done that day. in my opinion! Worst part of my experience was that I heard the glass breaking but thought it was that missing tab rubbing along the edge as I rest all the backing mats, etc. Glad you like that shot. Corio Bay on a rainy day a week or so back.

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      • I thought so too – for their mistake!
        And in the time she spent talking to us she could have cut a new Mat – I man everything else was already done.
        But at this place they hire teens and youngens – and I Guess it went into the que with other orders – but the guy did not seem to mind!

        And hope the new frame job is a success 😉


      • I have successfully re-framed the photo..just so happens I now have a frame without glass… And it’s not only teens and youngsters who could do with some customer service skills. I spent, as the only customer, about 5 minutes watching a woman printing photos at KMart the other day while another walked back and forth in the store room. I am fairly easy to see, but neither one of these staff members acknowledged that I was in the store let alone at their counter. When someone is standing at a counter with product and credit card in hand, you would think that staff would be only too keen to take their money/card. The only thing I may have done to upset the apple cart was to walk in at the end of the counter and not line up where the sign said to….but I was the ONLY person/customer at the counter…near a cash register 🙂 I ended up taking my purchase to a central, mostly self service, set of registers. I hate self service registers. It must have shown. A young (mid 20s) bloke asked if he could help me, within seconds. As politely as I could I thanked this young bloke for his customer service and told him why I had thanked him profusely. Suggested management be informed. On the off chance a member of KMart management reads this I will be trying another store in Geelong other than the Belmont KMart ion future. No wonder online shopping is becoming more popular. At least you can pay when you want to and the customer service is about the same…non existent. But you expect that.

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      • Glad you were able to reframe – and nice assistance at the self-checkout – rare for sure!
        Oh and I did not know there were still Kmarts around – many around here have closed –
        Hope U find a use for the frame –
        Hope in Have a good rest of your weekend – 😎


      • Service was good. I wasn’t aware that KMarts were being fazed out. According to Wikipedia we have 191 ion Australia and 18 in NZ.
        A bit more form Wikipedia……
        In 2006, Coles Group announced plans for Kmart……to be merged into the Coles brand…..reformed into Coles Superstores. By March 2007 plans for super centres were deferred pending the sale of all or part of Coles Group, and in August 2007, incoming owners Wesfarmers said super centres would almost certainly not proceed.

        Also stated that Wesfarmers (current owner) would consider selling all or part of KMart.

        With some of the international department sores opening I wouldn’t be surprised if KMart is sold. Trouble is it is a good inexpensive discount store.


      • Hi – well discount stores are needed – and I think Walmart pushed out Kmart here in the states – but I have a feeling Walmart is on decline – after the economic crash in 08 sent families to Walmart for a few years – I think those same families now want more and need more – especially with groceries -and have gone elsewhere – Aldis ( a German store chain) is exploding on the east coast of the US and other chains (like Publix and wegmans) are maintaining a loyal following –
        But even for the household items and other discount items – the quality at Walmart has been poor (in my opinion) since the 90s – and it feels like their bedding and wares are junk –
        And an example that relates to this post is a picture frame I bought in 2002 – it fell off the wall because it was loose and junky – broke some more and hit my ankle – I got stitches and never bought Walmart frames again- ha!


      • Discount stores certainly are needed because the average family would find it difficult to survive without them. Coles and Safeway/Woolworths are our biggest retailers/grocery chains. Woolies is under pressure, though not sure if it Coles or Aldis taking their customer base. Costco is also opening stores in Victoria/Australia (I suppose) and making the older chains rethink their marketing. However, I think consumers are their own worst enemy. For example we want cheap…. Milk at a $1 per litre diary farmers are being paid about 30 or 40 cents. Many vegetables being produced overseas, hence local market gardening on the decline. Even round Geelong during the pasty 30 odd years I have seen wool growing areas turned in to concrete and tar/bitumen/housing.
        The same is partly the reason why we left the farm. Wool production was not giving us a decent life style due to inconsistent and low prices and ever higher physical and monetary input to produce better quality wool. Growing trees equals little or no work on our part. Our boys are like many of my peers…do not want a bar of farming.

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      • Interesting about how your boys not into farming – I once heard someone sad about the LOW stats with third generations in a family business – I guess a high percent of family businesses don’t reach the third gen – but I think it is not sad – it just “is” because not everyone wants to do what dad or grandpa did – even if a cool profession. Or even if meaningful and rich like farming or wool (woolly musing that is – ha! Get it?)
        Anyhow – drove right on by a Kmart today – thought of our blog chat – and will maybe take a photo later to share – but it reminded me of another thing about discount stores – love them and need them – but hate cheap bedding – and we bought a Walmart 10 piece bedroom set for my son when he was 9 – and even he said the material was off – ever since we only buy cotton –
        Or maybe wool in a sweater now and the. 😉


      • Part of me wishes I had done something else with my life…but I think a lot of people think that. And when I was in later high school there were not the opportunities there are now. And University was not encouraged or thought of by me as a possibility. Wool classing was the ‘second string‘ to my bow, so I was told. As it turned out it may have been the only string for many years. It has only been since attending university in my 40s that I could see an easier and more regular income. Of course being a novice in one’s early fifties had its draw backs as well.

        I have always loved travel and photography and could not imagine, in my mid 20s, taking four months off to travel overseas if employed. And if the fourth generation were not interested in sheep farm in then utilising land for low input highest return was the best option particularly after doctors told me to ease up due to a faulty ticker/heart. The fourth generation of this family is earning more as much income in a year as I would have in a decade or more at the same age. However, as a teenager I could buy a hamburger for $0.15. Same thing now costs around $7-$8.


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