Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Colors-Yellow-and-Red


My contribution for this week’s

Colours: Yellow and Red



Random reds and yellows…red_7581

Christmas decorations…


 Rubbish bins…hope they’re red, not pink.


 Red Rump Parrot.

Must confess you do need to

look hard to see the red.


 A red band on the soldier’s hat.


 My favourite yellow…


 and again.


23 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Colors-Yellow-and-Red

  1. Hey woolly- I saw the red immediately on the parrot – and what a nice pop of color!
    Good random here
    -my fav is the one with the trash cans – all lined up with perfection – almost like a Lego piece – and such order in the rows with the same color! This is the kind of stuff photographers find and share with the world!
    Also -on another level it reminds us of the gift of sanitation today – hmmm


    • The rubbish bins were discovered nearly twelve months ago…just never had the opportunity to use it before. Glad you like it. As for the parrot…the red might pop for you…but this is the scenario where my colour vision loss kicks in. Red mixed in with green has to be peered at to see…it doesn’t pop…for me. 😊😊

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      • yes – I know a few folks with color blindness -and last year they had a mess-up here with an NFL game – they did this retro uniform day and I guess that both teams looked diverse enough tot he regualr eye – but folks with colorblindness could not really tell the difference – and I guess they will never let it happen again.
        also – a year ago huh? nice to have resources to scour 🙂


      • Ah yes! Never throw out a photo or anything else much to MGW’s disgust 🙂 However, when were built this house the builder’s were throwing out quite good looking lengths of 4×2 inch pine. It went into my shed with the phrase….’it will come in handy one day…’ This years I built dogs kennel frames out of it….with a knowing nod to MGW!!!! It only took ten years to ‘come in handy

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      • ha! I could talk with you a lot about this topic – oh boy could I – and I think there are seaons for keeping just in case stuff – I am a bit over it right now in my own life- but during art tecahing days and garden days – well I had some stashes = lol – and it feels nice to NOT be in that mode. But when I was – I had cool stuff for students to make creative art -but no dog kennels – 🙂


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