Black and White Tuesday16-0504


Black and White Tuesday

 April 05, 2016


Yesterday evening we dined at…


one of the restaurants at the end of Cunningham Pier.

cunningham-pier_107a14So instead of the above views…Cunningham-Pier_IMAG0438this was the sight which greeted us.

Cunningham-Pier_IMAG0440Apart from the first two, all shots are from my phone

which does not take very good pictures…

or maybe it’s the operator.

Cunningham-Pier_IMAG0449I decided a few interior shots were…

Cunningham-Pier_IMAG0451appropriate to mark the occasion of…

Cunningham-Pier_IMAG0454our 29th wedding anniversary.

In a few weeks are off to see ‘Singing in the Rain

which is also another way we will celebrate the occasion.

Not only does this give us an excuse to have a spend up and

see a musical, which we both enjoy,

it also extends the celebration.


Our meal was delicious and we were home, pleasantly packed

 with steak and barramundi, respectively, by 1945.

A lateish night by our standards. 😀



Hope you enjoyed.