Weekly Photo Challenge-Future



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

The Future of Africa


It took only a few moment to select a theme for this week.

leopard_0691I firmly believe that tourists…
elephants-H_2239both local and international…

elephants_0059being able to visit and sight these wonderful animals provide…


elephants_0061Africa’s economy with a large injection of jobs and cash flow.


 I wonder if this young Giraffe is still alive

and being sighted by tourist cameras?


My hope is that this rhino will be as it was living

in a reserve protect by armed soldiers.

Six years ago our own Elle Macpherson was spruiking

that she used rhino horn…

and then apologised for her comments.

I just hope she stopped using as well!


We were told that this cheetah hunts for its food,

however it still came back and acted like

a tabby cat for tourists to pat.

Whether that is right or wrong is up to the reader to decide.

However, I did see on Facebook that if a cat (leopard, I think)

was shot by a trophy hunter it would inject something

like 35,000 Rand (app: AUD$3,094: USD$2,336) into someone’s pocket.

If tourists paid 500 Rand for a sighting of the same cat

it would inject about 85,000 Rand into South Africa’s economy

over the lifetime of the animal.

Apart from currency conversion,

all figures quoted are from memory only.


Dangerous…but what a sight.


 I did see herds of thirty or so zebras.

Why shoot them, unless…


it’s with a Nikon, Canon, Pentax Sony etc.


I dream of seeing this again.

We were lucky on our first trip, to see this pride.

We followed leads but could not find

any lions twelve months later.

Lion_0624-Limpy-CubsaAnd as the sun set on our last night at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp (2013)

we spent twenty minutes with these two

and their mother (Limpy, who died in September 2014).

We are constantly reminded of this as we had

one of the photos drawn by a South African artist,

Warren Cary

who draws wonderful pencil drawings.

We think his leopard drawings are wonderful.

And that, my friends,

is the future of Africa,

in my humble opinion.



21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Future

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    • Our first trip to Africa was an adventure into the unknown, or unthought of. It was that trip which opened my eyes to the carnage of wildlife and also the beauty of those wild animals. I join you in prayer Janet that these animals will survive us.


  2. Wonderful personal photo story expressing concern for the future of Africa. We in Canada have been exposed to the horror stories of trophy hunters and harvesting of elephant/rhino horns. It’s very sad!


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