Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Freeways-Expressways-Highways


My contribution for this week’s

Freeways, Expressways, Highways



I don’t have many road/freeway shots to share.

Great-Western-Highway_0136This is the Great Western Highway which we traveled

on our way to Horsham last year.

Horsham is in Western Central (not near the coast) Victoria,

about two hours north of where I used to live.

Sheep and grain country.


Not a great photo, but this is part of the Geelong Ring Road.

As the name implies one can circumvent all Geelong’s

traffic…at 100 kmh.


 The Hamilton Highway stretches from Geelong to Hamilton,

just 50 km north of ‘old home’.

I would like a dollar for every time

I have traveled the Hamilton Highway and

ticked off the landmarks, particularly on the way home.

Our mountains are not very high compared to other countries.

This one, Mount Elephant, one of the highest

(dormant) volcanoes in Victoria,

is 790 feet high (above sea level, I presume)

according to Wikipedia.

At 11,240 feet Cee’s Mt Hood is a tad larger.




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