Travel Theme-Refreshing




Travel Theme.


Some of these photos are not the greatest,

however, they do convey the theme….Taji_8691Hmmmm, looks good….

Taji_8692can I have some?


Thank you.

Taji_8722 Suppose I don’t have to ask again…

Taji_8723Do I?Taji_8725Just be careful where you squirt the water please.

Taji_8726You’re going to have to show her how to fill a pot.

Taji_8727Because I am getting wet/

Taji_8728Water everywhere.

Taji_8729 Having trouble catching it.

Taji_8730Blow…that’s my nose.

Taji_8685Well she will not stop for me…I will drink from the hose.

Taji_8686Swallow a mouthful.

Taji_8688Then back to it.


Where’s My Backpack?: Refreshing




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