Black and White Challenge:



Between computer crashing two weeks ago,

family commitments, and

my little dog (Ginger) being very ill,

I have only just managed to keep up with a post a day,

generally speaking.

camera_0005I thought ‘cameras’ was last week’s challenge until a few minutes ago.  And although I had a couple of ideas, however…

camera_0011it was after arriving home from a visit to my camera store today,

(I haven’t been happy with the exposure of some photos recently)

that I realised I had some ideal ‘camera’ photos.

As an OM 1 was my first SLR,

I still have a soft spot for Olympus products.

And in future I will more careful when

playing around with menu settings.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Cameras




6 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Cameras

    • Unfortunately, no. We are not sure what is wrong with her. Lethargic, off her food, 14 years old and all her blood tests etc were okay. Her father died at 13 years, however he worked hard. I was expecting Ginger to be around for a few more years. She has stopped her ‘bouncing’ around during winter and we noticed her slowing down…not as bright.

      Now 1800. Have just been out to feed animals etc and Ginger was no longer with us.


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