R.I.P. Ginger

This afternoon, a few weeks past her 14th birthday,

Ginger passed away.


Ginger – June, 2013

She was born in September 2001, a few weeks before her father (Brandy) died suddenly, just short of 13 years of age.


Ginger – June, 2013

Between them I have spent 27 years in the company of

the most faithful dogs I have ever owned.


Ginger – December, 2014

RIP my little friend.



Brandy and me, circa January 1989.






Black and White Challenge:



Between computer crashing two weeks ago,

family commitments, and

my little dog (Ginger) being very ill,

I have only just managed to keep up with a post a day,

generally speaking.

camera_0005I thought ‘cameras’ was last week’s challenge until a few minutes ago.  And although I had a couple of ideas, however…

camera_0011it was after arriving home from a visit to my camera store today,

(I haven’t been happy with the exposure of some photos recently)

that I realised I had some ideal ‘camera’ photos.

As an OM 1 was my first SLR,

I still have a soft spot for Olympus products.

And in future I will more careful when

playing around with menu settings.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Cameras




Wordless Wednesday_2110

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Tuesday morning I managed to find some lorikeets.

lorikeet_0074Breeding season has brought them down

from the tree tops…
lorikeet_0082to tend their young in this tree house!


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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